Decorative Concrete

Acid Stain
Information sheet and pictures of various acid stain jobs. Patina Acid Stain is a chemically reactive process for staining concrete that creates a variegated finish.

Information sheet, various pictures, technical data sheet and application instructions on Polytop. Polytop is an interior cementitious decorative topping that can be stamped or acid stained for decorative concrete floors.

Stencil Patterns
Pattern chart on stencil patterns for use with Spec-Deck or stenciling a fresh concrete pour.

Spec-Deck Roller Grade
Technical data sheet on Spec-Deck Roller Grade a cementitous coating for concrete surfaces.

Information Sheet, Various Pictures, Technical Data Sheet and Application Instructions on Spec-Deck. Spec-Deck is an interior/exterior cementitious decorative coating for decorative concrete floors. See Catalog Page for more information