Concrete Coatings

ACC 75
Technical data sheet on a fast setting polyaspartic coating system for high traffic floor areas

Terrafuse Polyaspartics
Technical data sheets on the Terrafuse Polyaspartics, available in a 80%, 90% and 100% formulations

Cipador E-100
Technical data sheet and pictures on Cipador E-100 a 100% solids 0 VOC general purpose epoxy coating

Zeraus Epoxy Coatings
Technical data sheets on EpoKlear and EpoDur 100, these are 100% solids 0 VOC general purpose epoxy coatings

Chip Data Sheet and Color Chart
Technical data sheet and color chart of decorative vinyl color chips/flakes stocked at our Edmonton office; unlimited number of colors and blends available on special order

Cork Flooring
Jelinek Cork Coating is a product composed largely of cork and has all the natural characteristics of JCC cork. This is a real evolution in the construction sector: it can be used for the waterproofing of terraces, roofs and sub-roofs, to cover and protect the exterior facades, to correct thermal bridges (the cause mold inside) and to replace the exterior insulation finish as well as to install or renovate flooring and paving. JCC combines the same unique characteristics of cork, which have been evaluated, tested and subjected to rigorous UNI-EN-ISO certification processes.

ZeraPrime W-50UL
Technical data sheet on ZeraPrime a ultra-light clear waterborne epoxy primer/sealer that has minimal effect on the natural colour or appearance of the concrete surface

ZeraTuf W-102
Technical data sheet on ZeraTuf a high performance single componet clear waterborne urethane coating available in high gloss or satin finish

Increte Concrete Coloured Sealer
Technical data sheet on Concrete Stain Sealer available in a waterbased or solvent based formulation. An opaque coloured acrylic sealer for fully cured concrete surfaces

Stone Essence
Technical data sheet and color chart on Stone Essence a semi-transparent water based stain for concrete surfaces

Vibra-Stain Dye
Technical data sheet and color chart on Vibra-Stain a concrete dye for interior surfaces that can be blended with acetone or water