Concrete Sealers

Concrete Sealers

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TRUSeal Acrylic Sealer
Technical data sheet on Con-Spec’s TRUSeal solvent based acrylic sealer clear penetrating cure & seal non-yellowing (low, semi, high gloss).

Water Based VOC Acrylic Sealers
Technical data sheets on Euco Diamond Clear VOX low gloss, Super Diamond Clear VOX high gloss and Everclear VOX a high gloss. All are water based VOC compliant acrylic sealers, clear penetrating, and non-yellowing.

Technical data sheet on Con-Lith a clear chemical liquid hardener and sealer for concrete floors. It dust proofs, hardens and protects your concrete floor.

Con-Lith 3
Technical data sheet on Con-Lith 3 a concrete hardener, densifier and cure aid. Use to prevent spalling or popouts on exterior concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios. May be used on new (fresh) or old unsealed concrete surfaces. Compatible with other coatings if desired.

Increte Concrete Stain Sealer
Technical data sheet on Concrete Stain Sealer available in a waterbased or solvent based formulation. A solid coloured acrylic sealer for fully cured concrete surfaces. Used to cover up unslightly concrete surfaces.

Concrete Curing Agents
Technical data sheets on clear and white concrete curing agents. Used on fresh concrete to keep moisture in concrete to provide a stronger more wear resistant concrete.