Super Flow Counter-Crete

Con-Spec’s Super Flow Counter-Crete is a unique combination of preblended cementitious materials for casting concrete counter-tops. Super Flow Counter-Crete is versatile and allows for creative blends. It can be used neat or with plain/coloured stones or objects. It is compatible with all concrete colours and staining methods. Super Flow Counter-Crete requires only potable water for mixing. Super Flow Counter-Crete requires a proper curing of 24 to 72 hours depending upon conditions. The counter-top can be removed from the form after curing. The counter-top can be polished, but keep in mind the concrete is green and easily gouged by bits of grit or aggregate that may break loose during the grinding/polishing process. If the counter-top is cast over 3 inches in depth, it is recommended that aggregate be included in the mix. Working time of the Super Flow Counter-Crete is 45 – 60 minutes. If the counter-top will have a sealer/coating, it is recommended that a light cleaning be performed to remove any surface laitance of cement dust that may be on the surface.

TECHNICAL DATA:     Super Flow Counter-Crete.pdf

SAFETY DATA SHEET: SDS Super Flow Counter-Crete.pdf