Con-Spec Counter-Crete is a unique preblended cementitious material for casting concrete counter-tops. It is a non-shrinking concrete that requires only potable water for mixing. Counter-Crete is versatile and allows for creative blends. It can be used neat or with plain/coloured stones or objects. It is compatible with all concrete colours and acid stains. Curing time is much faster than standard concrete; this allows the counter-top to be removed from its mold 8-10 hours after casting and it’s surface to be coated or polished within 24 hours. If the surface is to have a sealer/coating, it is recommended that a light cleaning be performed to remove any surface laitance of cement dust.

TECHNICAL DATA:       Counter-Crete.pdf

SAFETY DATA SHEET:  SDS Counter-Crete Countertop Mix.pdf