Rapid Repair Blue-Line Grout

Rapid Repair Blue-Line Grout is a unique non-shrink, pre-blended cementitious patching material and/or grout, requiring only potable water for mixing. Rapid Repair Grout achieves initial set in 20 minutes at 24oC (75oF) and can be opened to traffic within three hours. Rapid Repair Grout is non-metallic, non-staining, non-toxic and is as safe to handle and work with as ordinary portland cement. Rapid Repair Grout develops high strength, and a tenacious bond. It has excellent resistance to freeze thaw cycles & weathering, and exhibits excellent sulphate resistance. Rapid Repair Grout contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor that protects reinforcing steel from corrosion induced by carbonation, chloride and atmospheric attack.

TECHNICAL DATA:       Rapid Repair Blue-Line Grout.pdf

SAFETY DATA SHEET:  SDS Rapid Repair Blue-Line Grout.pdf