Rapid Repair Mortar

Rapid Repair Mortar is a unique preblended cementitious patching and repair material requiring only potable water for mixing. Rapid Repair Mortar can be used for patching 1cm (¼”) to 7 cm (3″) thick in one application. It can achieve initial set in 20 minutes and be opened to traffic within three hours at 24oC(75oF). Rapid Repair Mortar develops high strengths, a tenacious bond, excellent resistance to freeze thaw cycles & weathering, and exhibits excellent sulphate resistance. Rapid Repair Mortar contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor that protects reinforcing steel from corrosion induced by carbonation, chloride and atmospheric attack.

TECHNICAL DATA:       Rapid Repair Mortar.pdf

SAFETY DATA SHEET:  SDS Rapid Repair Mortar.pdf