Cipadeck Acrylic Sealer

Cipadeck Acrylic Sealer is a one component, ready-to-use clear, solvent based sealer, designed for use on exterior concrete. Cipadeck Acrylic Sealer uses “slow dry technology” providing an easy to use product and being VOC compliant as a solvent based acrylic sealer. This sealer is ideally suited for decorative concrete such as exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, and coloured concrete. It is an excellent dust-proofer and surface sealer. Cipadeck Acrylic Sealer will resist many chemicals, help protect against staining, and will provide some colour highlighting. It is a not affected by ultraviolet rays and will not yellow. It will not leave a milky film. Cipadeck Acrylic Sealer is available in two formulations, 17% Low Gloss and 25% High Gloss.

TECHNICAL DATA:      Cipadeck Sealer.pdf

SAFETY DATA SHEET:  SDS Cipadeck Sealer.pdf

SAFETY DATA SHEET:  SDS Cipadeck LS Sealer.pdf